Adult acne causes and how to treat them. The advantage of natural adult acne treatment.

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Adult Acne

Acne is anything but uncommon. Almost 90% of all people suffer from acne at one time or another. Because the underlying cause of acne is tied to hormonal activity, most individuals experience the worst effects of acne during their teen years, while the onset of puberty is causing your hormones to go into overdrive. However, despite the reduced action of your hormones after adulthood, acne can still come seemingly out of nowhere and effect people who have never even suffered from teenage acne.


Currently, adult acne afflicts about 50% of adult women and 25% of adult men, and these numbers are expected to rise. Scientists are still not sure why the percentage of people experiencing adult acne is increasing, but thankfully they have uncovered some evidence as to why this variety of acne occurs.


It's important to keep in mind that most cases of acne occur due to biological processes that you have little or no control over. Your diet is an important factor, but while the food you eat can sometimes contribute to the intensity of your acne, it is usually not the cause. Exercise and even personal hygiene seldom have anything to do with the underlying factors that lead to breakouts. The real cause of acne is tied to your body's ability to metabolize skin oil, and this isn't something you can fix with a topical cream or cleanser.


For teenagers, the onset of puberty means an increase in hormonal activity. The body's supply of Coenzyme A, an enzyme needed for the metabolism of skin oil, is largely used for the production of sex hormones instead. These hormones cause the sebaceous glands in your pores to expand. This swelling of the glands, combined with the excess skin oil that results from a lack of Coenzyme A, leads to clogged pores and acne.


The cause of adult acne is largely the same as teenage acne. The body still fails to metabolize enough skin oil to keep it from building up in the pores. This may be due to the fact that metabolic rates tend to decrease with age. However, adults no longer have to deal with puberty, so hormonal shifts should not produce as much of an effect. Therefore, why does adult acne still afflict so many people?


Studies have found that while the intensity of hormonal shifts decrease after puberty, the sensitivity of your glands actually increases. As such, a small hormonal shift that might not have effected you in your teen years can lead a break-out during your 20's and 30's. Experts don't know why this change occurs, but this is believed to be the root cause of adult acne.


The good news is that adults can fight acne just as effectively as anyone. By supplementing your diet with Clearade or Clear5, you can increase the availability of Coenzyme A, thus better enabling your body to break down skin oil. This doesn't stop hormonal shifts from occurring (that could be hazardous to your health), it simply allows your skin to handle whatever your hormones can throw at it. Your body will be able to metabolize skin oil at a more efficient rate, and for most people this totally puts a stop to acne.



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