Free acne products! Receive free vitamin B5 acne treatments when you send us your feedback and before-and-after pictures.

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Now 3 ways to score more Clear5 for free!

1) Sending Before & After Pictures (2 FREE boxes or bottles)


If this is your first time purchasing, be sure to take a picture! Users that submit before-and-after pictures showing their improvement will receive 2 bottles of Clear5! Just send us your photos and feedback via email or by sending a letter to our mailing address below, and we'll include the bottles with your next order! *We will keep your identity private. Please make sure pictures are clear.


Free Acne Products

2) Sending Written Feedback (1 FREE boxes or bottles)


This one is super easy, but you can only do it once! If you are a returning customer, simply send us a few sentences telling us about your experience with our products. You have to time your submission with your next order, and we'll pack in an extra bottle for free!


3) Refer a Friend (Unlimited FREE boxes or bottles)


There's no limit on how many times you can take advantage of this free offer! If you know someone who is suffering with acne, simply tell them about Clear5. We'll send you a free box or bottle for every friend who places an order. To take advantage of referrals:


1. Right after your friend places an order, have them contact us and tell us about your referral. Make sure they send us your full name!


2. Right before the next time you place an order, contact us yourself to remind us about the referral, including your friend's full name.


And that's it! We'll include an extra bottle for free with your order.



**Note that free offers are always packaged in with your next order. If sending feedback, please time your submission with your next purchase so that we can easily include your free box or bottle.


For all free offers, you may contact us via email, our comments form, or our mailing address.


Mailing Address:

AV Free Product

10460 Roosevelt Blvd N

Suite 116

St. Petersburg, FL 33716


*The feedback and pictures free acne products offers are only valid once per customer. gratefully reserves the right to use all pictures and/or comments in any advertising or marketing material.



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10460 Roosevelt Blvd N, Suite 116

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